Welcome to MOKI!

India’s first platform dedicated towards empowering homemakers

For centuries, the Indian Homemakers/Housewives have contributed to the development of nation by providing a sound foundation for a well-knit family and stable society & giving it confident, encouraged and responsible citizens. Homemakers of India have helped the nation in the growth, which it witnesses today and have been the leading figures in preserving the rich culture and tradition of our country.

It is quite unfortunate that in spite of being the backbone of Indian society, homemakers have been neglected and their sacrifices have been ignored in India’s growth story. Their mere existence has been in shadows and identity has been compromised. They have turned out to be one of the most vulnerable section of the society with increasing cases of domestic violence, suicides and increasing case of depressions and stress.

We at MOKI are challenging the status quo. We are bringing homemakers in the mainframe of Indian economy making them financially independent. We aim to help homemakers gain the much needed and deserved recognition and visibility in the society. Empowered homemakers will result into a more developed society leading to accelerating growth of the country.

With our aim to empower the homemakers, We have developed a dedicated mobile platform that would enable homemaker to sell their one specialty dish (food meal) to the customers seeking home-made food at reasonable prices. We will market prepared dish and ensure orders with help of a competitive marketing strategy in place. The app has been designed to suite the working lifestyle of homemaker.


To empower homemakers across the globe and to bring them in the mainframe of global economics.


Through our platform we are looking to yield benefits in 3 dimensions

  1. Personal Dimension

    By providing a fixed source of income to housewives, we are aiming to ensure their financial independence. This will enable them to;

    • Instill sense of independence moving them out of depression
    • Boost their morale, confidence and make their presence felt
    • Instilling entrepreneurial instinct in them
  2. Societal Dimension

    The society of any region or area reflects conditions of women in it. Uplifting them will lead to a society which will be much sound and positive in its thoughts and actions.

    • Vision to form a global network of housewives where we can sow the seeds of environmental and social changes
    • The potential of impact is immense as we will be working directly at the roots of the society
  3. Global Dimension

    We aim to advocate an economics of everyone. Bringing these women in the mainstream economic structure will not only lead to increased growth rates of the country but will also help in fighting the issues of poverty and unemployment.